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Sunju Hargun (Dekadenz, Karma Klique / TH), Anh Vy, Kaztet D @ The Lighthouse

Music director of the infamous club Safe Room and one of the masterminds behind Karma Klique: Sunju Hargun left us dazzled after his appearance on Epizode where he will be performing again this year. His broad knowledge of underground music result in eclectic and exciting sets.

SUNJU HARGUN (Dekadenz, Karma Klique / TH)
Sunju Hargun is a child of multi-cultural upbringing – born and raised in Thailand with Indian roots, he has created a name for himself in Asia. He makes music released on Dekadenz and Turbo recordings and also curates the Karma Klique Collective. His vivid mixture of different backgrounds has led to a unique range of sounds. Sunju often blends chuggy-dance influences with electronic and world music. It is this unique taste that continues to impress, whether it is in his brilliantly unpredictable DJ sets or his distinct productions.

ANH VY (The Observatory / VN)
Recently announced as Observatory's resident, Anh Vy is one of the youngest DJs in the Saigon underground scene. He's recognized by the versatility and flexibility in music. As time goes by, he making himself as an interesting and promising piece of Saigon underground scene as an artist and a contributor with his very own uniqueness.

KAZTET D (Banana Hustle / FR)
Kaztet D is a DJ, Selecta, MC & Promoter from France, partly raised in Asia, based in Saigon ( Ho Chi minh city / Vietnam).
Founding Member of R2G aka Rouen2ground in France , WAT A GWAAN Reggae Collective in Cambodia and cofounder of BANANA HUSTLE in Vietnam . He is also part of SAIGON DUB STATION family.

The always good vibes delivering Kaztet is known for his dubby beats in early morning sets at the infamous Vitamin D afterparties.

Friday, 15 November

9:00pm - 5:00am

The Lighthouse | 6th Floor, 104 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, D1, Ho Chi Minh City