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Vernissage Expo: Unexpected Jumps @ HCMC Fine Arts Museum

Two years after the success of the exhibition "The Smile of Mutation", the cross-cultural collective Máy xay sinh tố is back at the HCMC Fine Arts Museum with "Unexpected Jumps".

The city is constantly transforming itself, revealing unknown spaces in which we are ready to jump: crossing an obstacle, physical or mental.
This transdisciplinary exhibition, once again bringing together students from HCMC Fine Arts University and artists Thy Nguyên Truong Minh, Emmanuelle Vincent and Pierre Larauza, will reveal new works to the public. Paintings, sculptures, installations, videos or art performances will weave an unsuspected landscape.

"Unexpected Jumps" is part of a bilateral cooperation between the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and Vietnam from 2019-2021. Máy xay sinh tố is a transcultural and professional artistic programme that involves artists from Cie Transitscape, HCMV Fine Arts University and the Brussels based art school Erg Esa.

With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International and the French Institute of Vietnam.

Opening time: 12.12.19 - 29.12.19
Fees : 20 000VND – 15 000VND
Opening ceremony: 18h - 12.12.19 (free)


From 12 December to 26 December

All day

HCMC Fine Arts Museum | 97 Pho Duc Chinh, D1, HCMC