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WAM / Marilyn's Birthday ft. Robat, Smudge, Stachmou @ WAM Saigon

WAM / Marilyn's Birthday

ft. Robat, Smudge, Stachmou
From 9pm
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Let's have a party to celebrate the one and only Marilyn, she didn't come from no monkey, she came from a meerkat/suricates! But she's certainly queen monkey now. We've got her favourite DJs playing Robat, Smudge & Stachmou. Let's party!

(Hazy Lemons)

At the age of 11, when Robat was still a young buffalo, he innocently pressed PLAY on a Miss Kittin record at his dad’s friend house. Few knew that this would change his approach to music for ever. After the first few seconds of the dark synths intro and the beat slowly growing up and making his head move. The unique, dark, cold and sexy voice resonating from the track made him fell instantly in love. But deeply damaged his brain and soul for all time…
(WAM / Banana Hustle / Hazy Lemons)

One of Saigon's Party freaks, cofounder of Banana Hustle, founder of Hazy Lemons, and resident DJ at WAM, Smudge is a purveyor of eclectic beats and globetrotting rhythms. Jumping across genres of Afrobeat, Latin Funk, Folkloric Deep House, Organic Techno, Ethno-Electronic, Leftfield Groove, UK Dub, and Blues from around the World. Mixing in music from West Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Turkey, The Middle East, India and more.

Back in England he ran Tropical and Chillout club nights and parties all over London with crews including Love Carnival, Total Refreshment Centre and Flamingods, The Stinking Bishop has been bringing his search for the perfect boogie to Saigon for the last 4 years, joining Saigon Dub Station, building Hazy Lemons and Banana Hustle and playing across the city and VN. Expect to groove, move, get up, and get down to genre jumping mixes for your body, mind and soul! You never quite know what you're going to get with The Banana Freak.
Bio incoming!

20th November 2020

9:00pm - 2:00am

WAM Saigon | 19 Đường số 49B, Thảo Điền, Quận 2