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Ancient to Contemporary Material Culture - Artist Talk with Richard Streitmatter-Trần

While Richard Streitmatter-Trần's previous art practice closely aligns with Media Art, Performance and Conceptual Art, in the last decade, the artist has gradually shifted to exploring materials - not only their history, cultural and metaphorical meanings, but also their physical properties, chemistry and utility. Predominantly occupied with the process of ‘working with the hands', Rich allows for open dialog with the forms, shapes and origins of the various references he encounters on a daily basis: from images stumbled upon the Internet and in books, to what is observed in his immediate surroundings, to the many cultural/geographical sites he has visited.

In this talk, Richard will share his long interest in historical art forms influenced by the absorption of Hindu and Buddhist thought, imported into various Southeast Asian cultures and civilizations. He will share further how he has come to understand them through his own creations, often using non-traditional processes and materials such as rice paper (bánh tráng), moss, insulating foam, modeling clay etc. Two such works have been created specifically for our current group exhibition ‘Within / Between / Beneath / Upon’ at The Factory.

● Language : English with Vietnamese translation

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▪️ Adult: 130,000đ (pre-purchase online) | 150,000đ (purchase at-door)
▪️ Inner Circle member/ Student: 40,000đ (please bring your card)

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15th April 2021

7:00pm - 9:00pm

The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre | 15 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien Ward, D2, HCMC