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Yin Yang - Artworks by Heri Purwanto @ L'usine

‘Yin Yang’ by Indonesian artist Heri Purwanto at L’usine.

Heri Purwanto's works engage with the viewers, as their dreamy compositions ask more than they answer - how do we imagine living with the imbalance we have created in our own habitat? Using the symbols of the cloud, the tree, and the little house, Heri Purwanto approaches the complex subject of climate change and environmental degradation in a humorous way.

About Heri Purwanto
Born in Banyumas, Indonesia in 1975. Graduated from Indonesian Arts Institute, Yogyakarta. His work reflects how he feels about the complexities and problems of life expressed through the symbolic form of a house. His house is a “little world” - a place of refuge, where different kinds of socialisation amongst its occupants take place.

About L'Usine
L’Usine offers exceptional spaces, products, and experiences with strong character, inspired by Saigon at its cosmopolitan height.

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20th April 2021 - 20th July 2021

7:30am - 9:00pm

L’Usine | 19 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, HCMC