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Nebulae @ Luziger

A Luziger collection featuring artworks by artist EOLIA YŌKAI.

In this new collection, YŌKAI takes on gravitational collapse and brings to light an attempt to represent "the confluence of contrasting energies in the universe emitted at different optical wavelengths of light"

The artworks presented will take the passengers into a contemplative journey fueled by wisps of hydrogen, intermittent doses of helium and small fractions of high-density elements.

Artist bio :

Eolia Yōkai takes on abstract impressionism with a kind of meditative ease. After various experimentations over the years, he now implicitly unveils a distinct shift in his artistic direction — from intricate structures to a softer, more free-flowing and minimalistic feel — through artworks selected for the Luziger Collection.

Discarding all elements of forms and figures, Eolia Yōkai focuses instead on creating a deeply engrossing ambiance unanchored in space and time through vibrant colors and spontaneous strokes. His works are often layered with rhythms and vibrations from the music he listens to during his creative process, transporting viewers into a trance-like state of their own.

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20th May 2022


Luziger Saigon | Block B, Floor 3, 95 Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC