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Deloitte HR Forum 2022 - Building the future of work @ RMIT


Over the last three years, organisations have been struggling to form an environment of safety – where people can work safely and productively during the Covid-19 pandemic. Working from home became a new norm and people initially struggled with the new daily routine of work such as working in a kitchen with poor Wi-Fi signal while kids are running around the house for homeschooling. Despite the initial struggle, people started settling with the new norm and somewhat appreciating extended time with family and more flexibility and autonomy they had never got before. As we are getting close to the endemic and coming back to life before this pandemic, organisations are calling their employees to come back to the office, but the responses are not positive. In some countries, employee turnover started surging and people started asking why we should go back to the office again since they have been doing great over the last 3 years. For this reason, the aim of the RMIT - Deloitte HR Forum 2022 is to predict and foresee the future of our working environment after the pandemic. We are inviting the industry experts from RMIT University and Deloitte – two leading institutions in the higher education and consulting sector to predict what the future workplace looks like in the future after the pandemic. The forum would be interesting not only for students and practitioners in the field, but also to understand the changes and evolution of our society in the post-pandemic era.

Featured speakers:
- Professor Andrew R. Timming
Deputy Dean Research and Innovation, School of Management, RMIT University
- Professor Claire Macken
Interim Executive Dean (Academic and Students), RMIT University Vietnam
- Mr Mark Teoh
Expert in Organisation Transformation, Executive Director, Deloitte Consulting SEA
- Mr Lee Yun Han
Expert in Talent Management, Director, Deloitte Consulting SEA
- Mr Pankaj Rathi
Expert in Digital Transformation, Vietnam Consulting Leader, Partner, Deloitte Consulting SEA

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17 August 2022

10:00am - 12:00pm