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Excited to invite you to “Large Language Models Amplified: Scaling Businesses with AI Precision” event organized by NFQ and Wizeline. Together, we will unlock the potential of Large Language Models (LLM) while prioritizing the security and integrity of data. Whether you are an AI developer or someone taking your first steps into this field, this event caters to all levels of expertise to explore:

Introduction to LLM: In-House Deployment vs. Corporate Solutions If you're wondering whether to set up your own LLM system or opt for an established corporate solution, we've got you covered. We will guide you through the journey of LLM from the basic explanation to its operation, and weigh the pros and cons of three approaches for in-house and corporate solutions.

Ludovic TOISON, CTO at NFQ Vietnam

Francisco Sanz, Product Owner at NFQ Vietnam

Fostering AI Solutions with LLM on Cloud Platforms We are going to unveil the art and science of creating powerful AI applications that harness the capabilities of LLM, embeddings, and vector stores to generate context-rich responses based on standalone questions and relevant documents. Innovative design principles, data privacy ensuring and a live demo are waiting for you!

Kien Vo, Senior Software engineer at Wizeline Vietnam

Nam Nguyen, Software engineer at Wizeline Vietnam

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09th November 2023

06PM - 09PM

NFQ Sai Gon Office | Sapphire Tower 2, 92 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam