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From the organizer: Francesco Scavetta propose a personal approach to contemporary dance, based on release technique and contact improvisation, influenced by his experience as a dancer and choreographer and by his practive of tai chi chuan, that links a deep transformation of the body to delicate poetic of the movement.

The physical training aims at awakening our awareness and sensitivity and at creating occasions for discoveries. The basic class concentrates on centering and gravity. Activating the centering and gravity. Activating the center, as engine of the movement, we will aim in letting the movement to cross freely, throughout the body, with isolation in the limbs. Harmonizing the movement with our breathing, we will release contraction in the joints, allowing the sense of the gravity to be a constant part of our awareness.

For dance students and professional dancers

Attendance fee: 160.000vnd/pax

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Wednesday, 10 December

9:00am - 12:00pm

Le Thanh | 25 Phan Phú Tiên, D5, Ho Chi Minh City