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Saigon Trilogy Latin Dance [Day 1] @ Uhouse

From the organizer: Realizing that we must have had to learn to play, our event organizing team was born from the co-organizing from the most famous Salsa studios and top dance groups in Saigon: La Salsa, Saigon Zcrew, and T.O.D (known as a group specializing in updating Salsa news and organizing Salsa events). We are working on creating a big event in 3 days 19.20,21 Dec 2014 for all Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba… or Latin fans in general, to satisfy your passion for dancing and bring you the heart seething this weekend.

SAIGON TRILOGY LATIN DANCE is a series of multiple activities in 03 consecutive days: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zumba performing, Kizomba bootcamp, Salsa Competition… with the presence of professional trainer from Thailand, and with a large team of Salsa fellows from Saigon community participating as students, contestants, performers… and of course…audience. ☺

There are 3 nights with 3 different themes accordingly:

Opening night of this series with special performances and a Salsa contest for talented Salseras and Salseros:

- Time: 8:30p.m, 19 Dec, 2014.
- Location: UHouse Beer & Barbecue, 01 Cong Truong Quoc Te, Dist.1

1. Lady Styling Performance (Choreographer: Sandy Phan)
2. Salsa Partnerwork (T.O.D)
3. Zumba (Saigon Zcrew)

@ Contest: Best Social Dancer Contest.
With high value prizes from Sponsors.


T.O.D (Event Organizer):

LA SALSA (Salsa Studio):

SAIGON ZCREW (Zumba Crew):


Friday, 19 December


Uhouse | 1 Công Trường Quốc Tế, D1, Ho Chi Minh City