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SUPERBLOOD Southeast Asia Tour 2015 @ Saigon Ranger

From the organzerSUPERBLOOD is coming to Saigon!

Date : 19th March
Open : 8pm - 
Entrance free

Steel Saigon
Another Think

The band was formed by super guitarist Okahiro (TYO), Takamasa "MAD" Ouchi (TYO, ex. Anthem)
, up and coming vocalist RYU, with Ryo "RYO" Agawa (Ba) as producer. 
At first they were exclusively a live band. 

The band's appeal comes from Akahiro's intense guitar playing which contrasts with his sweet mask
, the dynamism of MAD that arouses the instincts, and their instinctive groove.
Also, the sharp sweet singing voice of RYU, has the hidden power to explode from the silence
, and Ryo "RYO" Agawa (Ba) has a free and dymnamic world view.

They are delivering a hot message that has rock as its essence and pursues the soul.
In 2014 they preformed successfully in Thailand.
Their first album, RESCUE ME, goes on sale on November 12th, 2014!!

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Thursday, 19 March

8:00 pm

Saigon Ranger | 5/7 Nguyen Sieu, D1, Ho Chi Minh City