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Back To Childhood - Grand Opening Reception @ Giant Step Art Gallery

From the organizer: SOOR’s debut called “BACK TO CHILDHOOD". It’s the very first collection by Soor, from Hanoi. As hinted by the name of the exhibition, “BACK TO CHILDHOOD”, SOOR1, thru his graffiti works, wanted to share with us his perspective on child abortion.

SOOR1 was a member of S5crew from Hanoi . His relationship with graffiti started in 2005, when he came across a newspaper article about the American ghettos and those colorful walls decorating all over the neighborhoods. Immediately, he lost himself in the Art. He started practicing on papers. In 2007, he began to make his first sketches on the walls, with the sprays. And for him, it was an amazing feeling, so different from when he did it on papers. And now in 2015, he has gone a long way with exploring, learning, absorbing and creating to becoming one of the most acclaimed graffiti artists in Hanoi.

One day, SOOR1 came across a news article about abortion in Vietnam. He decided to start a project on the subject. His collection is inspired by the figure of the sperm. Here and there across these works, you will see the cute little sperms, briefly resembling a human shape, swimming around in colors

With this collection, Soor wanted to send across a message to everyone; every sentient being deserves the right to stay alive and thrive in their natural ways. There is no excuse to take this right to existence from any form of being whatsoever, including these tiny newly-born sperms. 

Prior to the Opening Time, SOOR1 will conduct a short interaction with guests where he will share more about his inspiration, emotional and creative journey throughout the project. He will also autograph post-cards (of his works) for attendants.

Last but not least, for the grand finale, you will get to witness SOOR1 makeS his graffiti arts on the wall, in real-time, spiced up with vibrating electronic sounds by the one and only Dj JASE & Dj JIN. And that would be our thanking gift to you all who give up your time and come to us for the love of art and human compassion.


* Time: Thursday, May 14th 2015 

6pm - 8pm: Artist talk - Exhibition - Live Graffiti performance by SOOR-ONE

8pm - 11pm: Electronic music performances by Dj JASE & Dj JIN

* Location: GIANT STEP - Urban Art Gallery - 3A Ton Duc Thang, D1, HCM

* The exhibition runs for 2 weeks, from May 14th till June 2nd

* Free entrance


Thursday, 14 May

6:00 pm

Giant Step Gallery | 3A Tôn Đức Thắng, D1, Ho Chi Minh City