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Exhibition Opening "Dots Of Vietnam" by Christian Gazia @ deciBel

 Born in France in 1986, with parents from Hungary and Central Africa, Christian was a basketball player in a former life, before hanging up his shoes and complete a Master in Euro-Asian economy.

At the end of 2011, he takes the brush for the first time to paint a first series about the icons of his childhood. Shortly after finishing his first canvas, he knew that painting and drawing would be his way of expressing himself and his vision of the World with other means than words.
Lettre à ma mère : dots of vietnam

«Lettre à ma Mère» / Letter to my mother - is a mail that the artist is sending to his mother living in France. Not being able to find the proper words to share his experience of living in Vietnam for 2 years, Christian wanted to use a silence composes by dots, such as ellipses… In order to let his portraits speak for themselves. 

Those dots are meant to be the description of Vietnam, where the artist evolves; an association of contrasts, nuances, discrepancies giving birth to a portrait where each dot has its importance. And the reunion of people draws a Nation. 

Through those portraits, he plays with shapes and sizes of his dots in order to emphasize - on one hand the freshness and the youth of a nation - and on the other hand the indelible marks of a country stroke by History. Christian thus gives his vision of Vietnam that engraves his future in an uncertain world, in which everything gets written with ellipses.


Thursday, 21 May

6:00 pm

deciBel | 79 Phan Ke Binh, D1, Ho Chi Minh City