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Night of the Solo Artists @ Saigon Ranger

 A new playground in HCM city to gather music fans, to show off your musical talents and to prove yourself on a professional stage.

This program consists of two portions.
Part 1: Impomtu
Our competitors will play impromptu with our band or backingtrack. This serves as a warm-up session before our main event.
Part 2: Solo Battle
Our artists will be split up in to three groups: Guitar, Bass, and Drum.

A battle will be between two randomly selected artists chosen by our MC in a 1vs1 format. The artist going first can choose the theme of the battle: blues, rock, pop, funk or country etc. Each battle will consist of three rounds until the audience can choose the winner: on a backing track, with our live band and a solo duel with no background music.

There will be three prizes in total, one for each of the instrument group. Each prize is a 1 million VNĐ voucher, usable anytime at our bar.
Every 4 weeks, the winners of each week will compete to find out our true champion who will claim the highest prize of the month.

Please register here or send us a facebook message or email:
Registration form:
- Full name:
- Instrument (guitar, bass, drum):
- Prefered style (blue,rock,pop,punk,country, etc.):
- Contact Info (phone, facebook, email)
- Proficiency: A(Beginner), B(Intermediate), C(Advanced)
We will reply to each applicant with your confirmation and registration status.

Register now to ensure a slot in our program - this is an excellent chance to network with various renowned artists (both local and foreign). Maybe this event will be where great minds meet and great bands are born. This will surely be an amazing opportunity to find the missing piece of yourself or your band.

For more information please call:
0912883006 (Vietnamese)
0938542340 (English)


Wednesday, 27 May

9:00 pm

Saigon Ranger | 5/7 Nguyen Sieu, D1, Ho Chi Minh City