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Jack Clayton Solo Exhibition @ deciBel

A wide selection of handmade woodcut prints and illustrations on display from 15th October - 12th November. All the works are created by soley by Saigon based artist Jack Clayton.

Opening night will have free wine and a chance to meet and talk to the artist. 

Jack Clayton's body of work is an interlinking mix of woodcut prints and intricate pen and ink illustrations. With the former he entwines images into the grain of the wood, letting the natural patterns inform and dictate the work in progress; with the latter he manipulates form to create labyrinthine illustrations that unravel and reveal the more they are scrutinised.

‘I see myself predominantly as a woodcut printmaker who focuses on experimentation to create unique and eye catching work. I enjoy mixing the inks, to create my own blends of colour and trying out different carving methods to move away from the traditional aesthetic. My work is usually character based and I enjoy breaking the figures down, finding forms to manipulate and creating illusions that trick the eye.’

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Thursday, 15 October

7:00 pm

deciBel | 79 Phan Ke Binh, D1, Ho Chi Minh City