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The Observatory 2 Year Anniversary Weekend @ The Observatory

From the organizer: Surprise Surprise - The Observatory opened its doors 2 years ago! Since then, quite a few things have happened. It’s moved venues from an old apartment block in District 1 to its current river-view location in Saigon Port, has hosted countless parties, sonic adventures and performances, and witnessed the creation of plenty of memories that will stay with their owners for life (or not).

The Observatory means a lot to the people involved, and it would be nothing without you - our friends, guests, occasional visitors, accidental stumblers, long-time allies and human furniture, staff and artists. So, to celebrate the occasion, we’ll be doing what we think we are best at - having a party!

Covering the whole weekend, the festivities will kick off at 6pm each night with FREE food, beers and specially-created cocktails until 9pm or whenever we run out of stock.

That being said, the biggest treat of all is of course the sound on offer, which will involve an all-star selection of The Obs’ local DJ allies + an international headliner on each night.


FRI 06 NOV - THE OBSERVATORY presents DANIEL BECKER (Trickski, Delusions of Grandeur, Future Classic - DE)

A figure that has been producing dance-floor-filling tracks for years under a number of names and globally recognized labels - Daniel Becker will be hitting The Obs for the second time to kick off the this weekend in style. 

Becker played a set at the old Obs venue last year that pulsed with a raw electronic power that drew on his years of experience as a producer that has been pumping out tracks that have filled the walls of clubs across the planet, and a DJ that has been prolific in setting parties alight for years. With a residency at the legendary Watergate Club in Berlin where he curates a monthly party, you can be sure that he knows how to push a party to its limits.

Becker has been specially chosen to provide the sonic climax on this first night of celebration, so don’t miss it. 

DJs on the night, beginning from 6PM:

1800-1930 DSANE (Monasterio - RU)
2100-2230 1DAN (Batti Batti - UK)
2230-0000 NOCHES (Live)
0000-0430 DANIEL BECKER (Trickski, Delusions of Grandeur - DE)
0430-0600 NIC FORD (Maddermodes, The Obs)

DOORS 6PM / 150K including free drinks + food (until 10PM or when free stocks run out)

DAY 2 - SAT 07 NOV - THE OBSERVATORY presents BORROWED IDENTITY (Quintessentials, Ostgut Ton - DE)

A key mover and agent in the contemporary creation of cutting edge, soul-moving and deeply intelligent house music - B.I played once before at the old Obs venue and tore the roof down with his unique blends of foot-moving sounds. 

Borrowed Identity’s house productions thump with flavors of soul, Motown, disco and funk in a way that’s dreamy, emotive and highly infectious. With early roots in hip hop production, he injects his sound with continuous salutes to music’s potential to affect the soul through nostalgia and emotion, and this is an effect that comes out in his highly eclectic, powerful DJ sets too.

His set will round off this weekend with an approach to music and partying that very much defines what The Obs is all about - appreciating rare and captivating music together with a lot of fun and dancing. 

Support DJs on the night, beginning from 6PM:

1930-2100 MAQMAN (GoGo Music)
2100-2230 DAN LO (EA)
2230-0000 KIN
0000-0430 BORROWED IDENTITY (Quintessentials, Ostgut Ton - DE)
0430-0600 HIBIYA LINE (The Obs)

DOORS 6PM / 150K including free drinks + food (until 10PM or when free stocks run out)


6 and 7 November

10:00 pm

The Observatory | 5 Nguyen Tat Thanh, D4, Ho Chi Minh City