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Wiz Khalifa Drops Visuals for New Song Featuring Vietnamese Farmer Sô Y Tiết

"Usually I make a w**d song. So here goes a w**d song."

Thus begins 'Numbers' by Wiz Khalifa featuring Ytiet. Khalifa is a megastar known for rap songs like 'Contact' (feat. Tyga) and cross-over hits such as the inescapable 'See You Again.' Ytiet is the stage name of Sô Y Tiết, a charmingly earnest self-described buffalo herder from rural Binh Dinh who doesn't speak fluent English. It defies all probability that they would appear on a song together, but this is 2020, so that is exactly what happened.

Wiz premiered the music video for 'Numbers' via World Star Hip Hop over the weekend, and it is already approaching one million views. The audio for 'Numbers' was first released in September, and the song is built around Ytiet's off-kilter sing-counting from 41 to 49. His melodic enumeration went viral over the summer and it was only a matter of time before American musicians like Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber took notice and re-posted it for their followers. Wiz took it a step further and built a song around it with the help of producer Retro Messiah.

Wiz's lyrics don't stray far from his typical herb-praising predilections, boasting: "We ride down the street, the smell is unique, this kush got me geeked, let's go hit up the beach and call up some freaks, they coming through [and] we gonna smoke." The visuals match, with him enjoying the luxurious, rolling-paper-accompanied lifestyle the Pittsburgh-bred rhymer is known for. While COVID-19 travel restrictions likely made it impossible for the pair to appear in the video together, Ytiet gets a chance to shine at the clip's conclusion.

Stream 'Numbers' below: 

Video via World Star Hip-Hop.

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