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SOHY Harnesses Fire, Earth and Metal in Their New Dining Room

Our planet, which began as a ball of primordial goop and evolved into a savage snarl of wilderness, has since been transformed by humankind through the taming of several basic elements including earth, fire and metal.

SOHY’s Star Dining Room relies on these same fundamental building blocks to achieve a sense of warmth, comfort and cohesion. The design invites guests to experience dining at the peak of our species’ ingenuity.


The planet’s lush natural fields and forests serve as inspiration for the dining room’s peaceful vibe so famed Japanese architect Super Potato incorporated earth elements the design. Guests enter the 24th-floor venue by passing through a hallway constructed entirely of rich, burnished wood. Further inside, the walls transition into the oak backends of an expansive wine cellar. Grand pillars built using a mosaic of stained scrap timber accentuate the room’s soothing earth materials. The plants and blooming flowers add a hint of natural color reminiscent of a secluded grove.

Wood from majestic trees was selected for the round tables and large chairs that are liberally arranged in the spacious room that accommodates only 60 diners, as opposed to a potential 100. But what it may appear to lose in capacity, it gains in mood. The room further uses earth materials in its decorations which includes a display of corn, pepper, rice, soybeans and a variety of sauces are that hints at the fresh ingredients the meals are made with.


Fire was an obvious element to include in the room’s design considering its central role in cooking and warmth. Flames are referenced throughout, including the candles that occupy each table and the deep red accents that call to mind blazing hearths. Unique fixtures that resemble downturned bouquets of birds-of-paradise provide additional light. Each table is constructed with large stone slabs used in ancient Vietnamese grilling.

The open kitchen puts flames on display while underscoring the restaurant’s commitment to providing a homelike experience. Rather than be a stage upon which the chefs perform, the kitchen encourages visitors to take a peek, in the way they might glance into the kitchen of a friend or family member.


Metal is the final element that brings the restaurant together and alludes to the inventive, hybrid menu. Large brass bull statues populate the VIP section while a variety of ornamentations throughout the room such as ice chests are made of polished metal. One entire wall is a relief consisting of steel gears, pistons and bits of modern machinery. The textured mural stands as a testament to the industrial ingenuity that established the shipping routes which allow for the restaurant’s fusion of global cuisines and multinational guests.

Merging the Elements

Directly next to the industrial display is a classic Vietnamese wooden lattice-work screen. The juxtaposition not only connects the metal and earth elements but articulates the kitchen’s focus on blending Eastern and Western cuisines. While many of the items are Asian, they are plated with the same emphasis on aesthetics as European ones. Moreover, the Western offerings are served “to share” as is commonplace in Asian restaurants.

A Soothing End to the Night

Like a cool bath after a long day laboring in the fields, upon finishing a meal at the Star Dining Room, SOHY invites guests to indulge in a refreshing experience by passing through The Sky Lounge on their way out. The large balcony and space introduce the two fundamental elements absent in the dining room. Air and water replace wood, fire, and metal. Sipping on an iced cocktail while listening to the trickling of a nearby waterfall and feeling the cool breeze reminds one of rinsing off in a fresh spring that softly washes away stress.

At the Sky Dining Room, the soothing sound of footsteps on wood floor accompanies guests to their tables. Soft candlelight glints off the room’s smooth metal accents while chefs apply innovative techniques to traditional ingredients. The restaurant’s harnessing of basic earth, fire and metal elements reflect’s man’s dominion over nature and the comfortable indulgences that it brings in the form of relaxed, familial dining experiences.

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