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Vietnam Welcomes State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

I can now state that I’ve seen my brain. I viewed a portion of its intricate folds and lobes, thanks to a trip to the dentist.

The equipment used to take 3D image scans prior to oral procedures is powerful enough that it was able to safely peak inside my skull. The dentist pointed out where the nerves in a certain tooth were located and how that would affect the way they would apply a crown, if I ever needed one. Such state-of-the-art technology is integral for Vietnam Dental Tourism’s mission to transform the country into a global hub for oral surgery and dental care. The company which oversees twenty-six independent clinics in Vietnam understands that in addition to offering a global warranty and having strict credential standards, requiring world-class equipment establishes trust with patients. After having learned about their values, I went to one of their affiliated clinics to see them in action.

Upon arrival, a dentist brought me to a spacious room which contains the large dental cone beam machine. He explained to me that the equipment imported from Europe performs full cranium cavity scans in seconds. Though it emits very low radiation, precautions such as wearing a lead apron, are still taken to avoid any radiation issued.

When uploaded onto a computer, the 3D x-ray images revealed a significant amount of information. The dentist could not only examine my teeth’s roots and surfaces, but also observe its density, examine the bone structure, locate nerves and check if my sinuses were clear. The ability to examine sinuses, which conventional x-rays don’t offer, is one of the reasons why all patients should have a scan performed, according to Vietnam Dental Tourism. Even if not necessary for the procedure they are about to undergo, the images can reveal infections or areas of potential danger, one may not be aware of. Moreover, as the files are all stored online and are accessible to the patient, they can be used as references for any future treatment.

The scans are essential for gaining an accurate understanding of a patient’s needs when it comes to crowns and implants. These procedures, in turn, rely on another piece of technology that has only arrived in Vietnam in the last decade or so. A 3D scanner connected to a computer monitor, reveals in full color a patient’s teeth, when a dentist simply navigates a small camera in their mouth. As part of an Intego dental chair that maximizes comfort, it provides unrivaled access and understanding.

After having the scan performed, I experienced a routine cleaning and polishing which involved all the expected tools, fully sterilized and prepared, along with extra equipment I’d never seen; including a small camera, which showed me a pervasive bit of plaque.

Once the cleaning was finished, a dentist sat down with me to explain all the ways technology has improved their field. Generally, in the past, for a crown or implant, one would need to have a physical impression made. This process is slow, due to the need of a lab to make the molds and also more prone to inaccuracy. Additionally, due to all the transportation and material involved, it is also environmentally unfriendly. With the 3D scanner technology, however, full procedures can be performed in only a few days. The increased accuracy also means that crowns fit the teeth better, reducing the amount of the teeth’s surface that needs to be removed and minimizing the likelihood of infections or replacements in the future. Moreover, as the photos are in full color, implants can be more precisely matched for a natural smile.

Intra Oral camera.

The implants themselves are designed on-site based on the high-resolution images and reflect Vietnam Dental Tourism’s commitment to global standards. Made with black zirconium, they are stronger and more bio-effective compared to other alternatives. Working with them requires a high level of expertise, which is not an issue for clinics partnered with Vietnam Dental Tourism, due to the high level of quality standards required and annual training initiatives.

Additionally, while small, the Piezotome Cube machine is one of the most impressive features of the clinic. While I didn’t see it in action, the machine allows for faster, less painful tooth extractions with less swelling and improved socket preservation. The Zoom II QuickPro whitening machine, for example is another machine which can brighten a person’s smile by eight shades in only 45 minutes through the application of hydrogen peroxide-based whitening varnish, along with a sealer layer. The speed and comfort of the process allows patients to have cosmetic procedures they may have previously thought to be unavailable or uneconomical.

Many of the technologies involve costly machines, training programs and software licenses; but these costs are offset by the relatively low rent and labor cost in Vietnam. It is, therefore, possible for foreigners and locals, to have world-class procedures, at a fraction of the price charged in other countries. Furthermore, as the technologies reduce procedure time, it’s feasible for people to travel to Vietnam for their dental care, without experiencing significant disruption to their normal schedules. Moreover, the dental scans and images are all stored safely online, so patients can access them and refer to them at any clinic around the world in the future.

Vietnam can become the world leader in dental procedures, but that will only happen if people have complete faith in the safety and quality of the procedures. Warranties and dentist resumes will go a long way in establishing this reputation, but having top-of-the-line technology is also crucial. Seeing in person the advanced equipment found at all of their affiliated clinics made clear to me how Vietnam Dental Tourism has established the standards that foster trust and confidence in their services, costs and quality. 


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