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Regent Phu Quoc Exemplifies Phu Quoc's Evolution

The growth and increased sophistication of Vietnam's hospitality sector is nowhere more evident than on Phu Quoc.

Between 2015 and 2018, Vietnam experienced annual tourism growth of 25%, one of the fastest rates in the world and Phu Quoc has been at the forefront of the boom. Once home to sparsely populated fishing villages, then an off-the-beaten-path backpacker destination, the island now offers some of the region's most glamorous resorts, with world-class accommodations, dining and spa services. The Regent Phu Quoc is a leader of this trend, as exemplified by its bespoke architecture, globe-spanning restaurants, tailor-made services and an indulgent spa. 

From fashion to food to technology, international brands are increasingly prominent throughout the world, and hospitality is no exception. Regent Hotels and Resorts was founded in the 1970s with a property in Hawaii, and the British luxury resort company now operates acclaimed properties across Asia and Europe. Opening this week, The Regent Phu Quoc represents the upscale brand's arrival in Vietnam and proof of the country's increased desirability for international and local guests. Juan Losada, the resort's general manager, observes: “Regent Phu Quoc will surely be a brand-defining resort in Vietnam and South East Asia that will deliver a truly captivating interpretation of the Regent experience, marrying the calming, the imaginative and the extravagant.”

Guests will recognize The Regent Phu Quoc's international standards the moment they step foot on the property. Thai-based BLINK Design Group has carefully curated each of the property's 176 suites and 126 villas to contain elements of traditional Vietnamese grace and modern glamor with a soothing color palette perfect for the peaceful surroundings. Spectacular, large-scale art installations further the elegant aesthetic. For example, “Charming Deeps,” a bohemian hand-blown crystal by Lasvit, reimagines the island's coral and captures the attention of everyone that enters the resort lobby. 

Vietnam has embraced extravagant dining experiences from far and wide. This preference for diverse tastes is catered to by the six restaurants that constitute The Regent Phu Quoc's Taste Gallery. Soon-to-open signature restaurant Okasu, which features Omakase Atelier and Salon de Boeuf, serves a contemporary blend of Japanese-French cuisine. Meanwhile, Rice Market keeps attention closer to home and uses the finest local and imported ingredients to prepare Vietnamese, Indo-Chinese and Chinese dishes that showcase the versatility of rice and noodles. The various lounges and bars serve innovative cocktails backdropped by stunning views of Phu Quoc's sunset, while the Taste Studio provides guests with private dining experiences for intimate, unforgettable meals. 

The potential to offer personalized moments extends far beyond the catered meals at Taste Studio. Regent specialties include a signature bath ritual within the villas, complimentary daily beverages and gourmet snacks from the Refreshment Gallery, a daily breakfast buffet at Rice Market and laundry and unpacking services. The experienced staff are eager to accommodate special requests to ensure every trip is exactly what guests are looking for. 

Many who stay at The Regent Phu Quoc will cite the spa as one of the most rewarding elements.  A wide range of treatments that rely on local traditions and famous techniques in a serene and secluded space help guests achieve holistic wellness. Highlights include therapies that use golden alpha-quartz sand, pre- and post-natal treatments and a chakra-cleansing therapy for those with particular stress profiles. French podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez has designed special treatments for feet, nails and hands that exist at the intersection of well-being and beauty while daily group and private yoga classes in breathtaking outdoor and indoor pavilions are complemented by quartz meditation sessions. 

The Regent Phu Quoc's grand opening is the perfect opportunity for Vietnam to welcome guests eager for a vacation after the global pandemic. The mindful luxury, international standards and cuisines, and simple opportunities to relax in intimate style reflect the future of resorts on the island. People eager to experience the finest of what Vietnam has to offer to guests in search of spellbinding trips should plan their trip to The Regent Phu Quoc. 

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