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Young Vietnamese People Seek Goût

More than just a taste preference, to young people goût is a matter of individuality and knowledge that reflects the style and character of a person.

Goût, a French term that translates to taste or style in English and gu in Vietnamese, can be used to describe music, fashion, aesthetics, and cuisine. One's goût is a reflection of one's identity, interests and experiences. Young people select products  in their everyday lives that reveal their goût, which is far more meaningful than simple "consuming." 

Finding goods and brands that match one's goût requires effort but is ultimately a source of satisfaction. In Vietnam, it allows young people to discover their own uniqueness by exploring what makes them excited. The search to locate their goût leads them to want to share a product's eccentricities, in both appearance and experience, with others. Naturally, they gravitate to items that balance elegant design and refined quality. 

Good Taste with a Twist for Everyday Fun

With the understanding that goût necessitates a degree of "tasteful" and "unique" elements, where does one find it? Young people strive to express their goût everywhere, including events, reunions, meetings with friends, conversations and meals. Doing so transforms the mundane to the extraordinary. This ability is a value that premium French beer, 1664 Blanc, has pursued since its establishment.

Officially introduced in Vietnam this past September, 1664 Blanc has made a strong impression among Vietnamese young people. They are associating its cobalt blue bottle which embodies sophisticated French style with its original taste. Offering a delicate flavor, the premium French beer is winning over young customers and serving as a companion on their inspiring journies of trusting their instincts and gathering their goût.  An example of elegance, 1664 Blanc itself is a tasteful wheat beer with a hint of citrus and tropical notes made in the spirit of more than 350-year brewing expertise.

1664 Blanc's good taste with a twist provides a fresh energy to every social gathering, sparking memorable celebrations with friends and loved ones. Conveying the delicacy of French culture and cuisine, 1664 Blanc elevates routine moments and allows young Vietnamese to make a statement about their lifestyle choices and motivates them to share their goût with the world.

Originating in France, benefiting from more than 350 years of development, and enjoyed in over 70 countries worldwide, 1664 Blanc is a premium wheat beer brand famous for its delicate and distinctive taste that features a hint of citrus and tropical notes along with subtle aromas and a beautiful haziness. Officially introduced in Vietnam in September 2022, 1664 Blanc aims to elevate every moment, as well as inspire Vietnamese young people to turn the mundane into the extraordinary via “good taste with a twist.” 

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