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Why La Petite Ecole May Be a Great Starting Point for Families Looking for the Right School in Saigon

For Saigon parents, finding the right school for their children is an important and simultaneously daunting task. The undertaking can be particularly challenging for expats and mixed couples who must balance different backgrounds and perspectives. Each child is unique and finding an environment for him or her to flourish in often requires numerous school visits, online research and predictive thinking.

Given these complexities, it’s easy for parents to feel overwhelmed, especially when there are no guarantees that a selected school will end up being the ideal choice. Perhaps the exercise is best approached by identifying what key aspects parents see as vital to their child’s development, from school culture, curriculum, taught languages, and shared values to more practical issues of location and price which are often determining factors.

For parents looking for a school that reflects a balance of commitment to excellence and affordability, La Petite Ecole Ho Chi Minh City may be a good place to start their search as it shares the curriculum attributes of an international school but is priced well within the range of Saigon’s bi-lingual schools. La Petite Ecole is ideal for developing an international mindset that values critical thinking; bilingual English and French education; preparation for further studies in Vietnam or globally; strong community bonds and communication in an inclusive and collaborative environment; and international bi-lingual school value at a Vietnamese bi-lingual school price.

An international mindset that values critical thinking

La Petite Ecole teaches the French national curriculum from kindergarten to primary, which mirrors that of French schools and Lycées français around the globe. For French nationals, this is an important characteristic given that many would like to foster a connection between their children who are growing up abroad and their motherland. Those who have no French educational background may find that the focus on values such as history, culture and human rights with a methodological stress on critical thinking and creativity matches those of their family.

Bilingual English and French education

While half of La Petite Ecole’s classes are taught in French, the other half are taught in English which provides students with the tools to master both languages. Therefore, when they reach the end of their journey after 5th Year (CM2), graduates can seamlessly transition to other French Schools or English-speaking international schools in Saigon or elsewhere.

The linguistic emphasis reflects the student body demographics (50% French, 28% Vietnamese, and the rest a mix of 25 other nationalities) and the international teaching staff who are an even split of native French and English speakers.

Preparation for further studies

Upon graduation from La Petite Ecole, CM2 students can continue the French-inspired curriculum and French-language instruction thanks to the direct connection to French Lycée Marguerite Duras in Saigon. Additionally, many students find their next home at one of the city’s English-language international schools for which they will be well prepared.

For parents who plan to move outside Vietnam in the future, these are important considerations as they can be confident that their children will be able to adjust to a new school. Students will also have priority access to other institutions run by La Petite Ecole’s mother company, Odyssey Education, which has 12 other schools worldwide – ranging from Singapore and Morocco to Rome and Thailand – and is run by a group of former educators. The educator-led management team means that the group emphasizes both teacher training and building community within their schools.

Strong community bonds and communication in an inclusive and collaborative environment

At La Petite Ecole, this dedication to establishing a strong sense of community involves nurturing a healthy ecosystem for students, parents and staff built upon strong communication between the school and parents. All messaging is sent in French, English and Vietnamese with regular sessions held between the school administration and parents to address timely issues and inform of new opportunities, such as additional Vietnamese language activities.

La Petite Ecole’s admissions department carefully works with prospective parents and students to ensure their values align; and that the school’s education philosophies are clearly communicated to prospective pupils. Ultimately, the school’s top priority is the well-being of students and helping them find a place where they can thrive and La Petite Ecole does its best to ensure that can happen via constant communication between teachers and parents. Because all families, students and staff share the same goals and understanding of the best paths to reach them, La Petite Ecole enjoys a constructive, supportive and nurturing environment.

International bi-lingual school value at a Vietnamese bi-lingual school price

For many families, price is a major consideration. La Petite Ecole is unique in that it offers many of the educational standards found at the city’s international and bi-lingual international schools but at a price point well in line with those of Vietnamese bi-lingual schools that follow the Ministry of Education curriculum and are instructed in English and Vietnamese. When viewed from the perspective of a product, families may be hard-pressed to find a better value.

It often takes months for parents to go through the process of vetting schools and making sense of all the associated brochures and school tours. But some families can likely save a bit of time and start their search at La Petite Ecole. It might be perfect if one is looking for an institution that provides top-tier education at an affordable price alongside an emphasis on the French and English languages and cultures, and a community wherein students, parents and staff all work together towards a common set of values and goals.

For families who would like to visit La Petite Ecole, the upcoming Open Day on March 9 is the perfect opportunity to discover its facilities and meet with teachers. You can register for the Open Day here.

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