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Exploring the Depth of Artistic Soul Through Whisky’s Multi-Layered Flavors

Johnnie Walker Blue Label recently launched a collaboration with local Vietnamese artists to promote contemporary art in Vietnam and the world.

Be made of Depth - Opening

In 2022, Johnnie Walker Blue Label worked with Art Republik - a leading international art publication in Vietnam and French photographer Réhahn to launch a limited bottle collection called "Tradition." The bottle artwork depicted the breath of life and the mix between human-made art and the elegance of natural landscapes.

The art exhibition "Be Made of Depth," with contemporary artists Hung Ro and Lucia Pham also contributed to the project.

At the end of May 2023, many of Johnnie Walker's first guests had the opportunity to attend the exhibition "Be made of Depth - Be made of Blue", adorned with special colors by two painters Hung Ro and Lucia Pham.

Hung Ro's artwork depicted forests in the depth of space and time and was inspired by nature while Lucia Pham’s pieces highlighted Asian cultural values using colors and shapes animated with the assistance of their digital medium.

The combination was a multi-sensorial experience, providing insight into the artists and their perspectives.

Inspiring Artistic Feeling

The exploratory theme of the exhibition was carved on four bottles, allowing guests to become travelers, connecting with their love for their home country and culture.

For the stories, humans were the focus. The piece named "Nature melody," however, offered Hung Ro's love for the sea. The depth of the aquatic world was expressed through shades of blue and sea creatures half hidden in space. The power comes in the form of a seemingly infinite ocean that is a friend of lonely people.

Although the landscapes were not overly colorful, Hung Ro was able to find nuanced shades with soft brushstrokes, creating aesthetics of both vivid realities and those found in dreams The final result was an endless, crystal world.

Lucia Pham’s "The bloom of Vietnamese Women'' honored the beauty and power of Vietnamese women in traditional ao dai. With strong lines and contrasting colors, the artwork depicted the inner turmoil of life. The final product was a testament to the unstoppable creative mind and the depth of humanity and art.

The artworks were displayed with an exclusive digital printing technology provided by Johnnie Walker that allows for the paintings to take on a unique, multi-layered experience. These pieces were transposed on a bottle collection called "The multi-layered style, the harmony of art" which aims to serve as a special gift and centerpiece in the collection of whisky fans and upholds the Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s long legacy.

The exhibition accomplished a number of goals. First, to establish a link between these artistic values and the multi-layered character of the whisky contained within the blue bottles and also to provide more visibility for the artists while contributing and supporting local talent worldwide.

Enjoy responsibly, do not share with people under 18 years old.