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In Huế, a Glass Cottage to Spend the Rest of Your Life With Your Beloved

If somehow your relationship manages to survive illnesses, conflicts, and external temptations to endure until both of you are in your sunset years, how would you spend the rest of your life?

Labri is a special architecture project both in execution and purpose. Designed by Huế-based Nguyen Khai Architects & Associates, the small abode is wedged at the end of an alley on a 100-square-meter lot surrounded by neighbors on one side and a lush pond on the other.

“We hope to build a home where the two of us could spend the rest of our lives together happily and peacefully,” the homeowners explained to the architects their aspirations for the future home. They are a middle-aged couple in their 50s with a small plot of land within the citadel of Huế right next to one of the neighborhood’s nine ponds.

Not much is elaborated regarding the client’s characteristics or life pursuits, but if Labri is indicative of their personality, they must love nature so much to decide to let it envelop their living quarters so thoroughly.

The “house,” if you can call it that, is made up of four blocks, all covered in glass windows and connected by sun-drenched corridors. Each fulfills a basic function: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living and dining area.

The walls have three layers: the innermost concrete, then green vines, and glass. Above, instead of tiles or more concrete, the roofs are four big “plant beds” where frangipani trees (sứ đại) bloom their elegant white-and-yellow blossoms.

Only 55 square meters of the plot were used for construction, while the rest retains room for a checkerboard grass and stone path and a small garden. The roof gardens are accessible via vertical ladders.

Have a closer look at Labri via more photos below:

[Photos by Hiroyuki Oki via ArchDaily]

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