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[Photos] On the Road in 1965 Quy Nhơn

Imagine Quy Nhon before the arrival of tourism.

The city on the south-central coast is a Saigoneer favorite thanks to its delicious cuisine, overlooked sights and abundance of nature, the last of which was even more prominent back in 1965, as evidenced by these photos snapped by American service member Donald Howard.

Compiled by Flickr GOAT manhhai, the images are light on provided context, but they depict a low-slung, simple town on the ocean. Beyond that, it's all farmland and hills, with no hint of the resorts and tourist attractions to come a few decades later.

Daily life in 1965 Quy Nhon.

A snapshot of local life.

Inside the Quy Hoa Leprosy Village.

The shaded, tree-lined leprosy village.

A panoramic view of Quy Nhon, with no high-rises yet built.

A church dominates the skyline.

Rural Quy Nhon.

[Photos via Flickr user manhhai]

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