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Da Lat Hit by Toxic Air From Cam Ly Landfill Fire

Blazes were burning at the Cam Ly landfill for over a week.

According to VnExpress, the fires have impacted numerous areas of Da Lat, the center of which is five kilometers from the landfill. The cause of the burning has not been announced. The air in some neighborhoods has turned hazy and reeks of burning nylon, forcing people to move to the homes of relatives to avoid the dangerous conditions.

"The smoke has covered the entire street and nearby vegetable gardens, Nguyen Hung, who lives near the landfill, told the news source. "We also have a very foul, unpleasant smell."

In response, the Da Lat Urban Service Company, which runs the Cam Ly facility, has deployed workers and water trucks to fight the fires. Meanwhile, Vo Ngoc Trinh, deputy chairman of the municipal People's Committee, claims local air quality will not be severely worsened.

Tien Phong reports that the fire started on December 22 and was only completely put out on December 30, more than a week later. 

The landfill covers nearly 12 hectares and takes in trash from Da Lat and the town of Lac Duong. Over the last four years, it has received over 260,000 tons of trash.

This was also the site of a giant 'garbage landslide' in August, when heavy rains caused one of the landfill's retaining walls to collapse, sending tons of trash rushing downhill. Roughly a hectare of agricultural land was destroyed.

[Photo via Tien Phong]

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