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Snake Slithers Onto VietJet Plane

It remains unclear whether Samuel L. Jackson was on board.

Dan Trireports that on June 7, a VietJet flight was preparing to depart from Saigon for Hanoi when a snake began slithering out of an overhead luggage compartment.

The plane in question had previously been flown to the southern hub from the capital earlier that day.

Dinh Viet Thang, director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, told the news source: "This was a baby snake that is 20 centimeters long. It's a pet snake so it's not poisonous. It was brought onto the plane by a male passenger. When the plane was preparing to take off, it escaped from the passenger's luggage."

After the rabble-rousing reptile was spotted, the flight crew had to return the plane to its parking spot and clear the passengers out. They were brought to Hanoi on a separate flight.

Thang added that animals were banned on board, so the passenger will be punished accordingly.

[Top photo via The Saigon Times]

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