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Ostrich Goes for a Run on Ninh Binh Highway

Motorists driving along the Cau Gie – Ninh Binh Highway on Monday had the unique experience of sharing the road with an ostrich.

According to VnExpress, a netizen posted an image of the ostrich running full-tilt between an SUV and a transport truck to the online forum OTOFUN with the caption: “I was driving at 120kph when I saw these long legs...”

Following the photo's appearance online, Vietnam Expressway Operation and Maintenance Company (VEC O&M), the management firm responsible for the highway, launched an investigation into the presence of the creature on a major roadway.

One VEC O&M representative speculated the ostrich may have come from a rest stop, reports Thanh Nien. While this implicitly confirms the picture's authenticity, it also raises a larger, more important question: why are there ostriches at highway rest stops?

Vietnamese law imposes a VND60,000 – VND80,000 fine upon animal owners whose pets or livestock pose a safety hazard by running free on roads or railways.

[Photo via Thanh Nien]

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