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Phở-Flavored Cocktail Makes Its Debut. Seriously.

Pho is a universally adored dish (yes, even aliens love it), a melody of simple ingredients that yield abundantly complex flavors. Bottom line - it's goddamn delicious. So it's no surprise that people across the world have attempted to put their own spin on the traditional soup. There have been pho burgers, pho salads and now, a bar in Philadelphia, US, is serving up a pho cocktail.

Oh, and it has perhaps one of the best cocktail names ever – “The Worthy F**king Adversary.”

The drink, served at Emmanuelle, is a mix of gin or vodka, lime juice, and a witch’s brew of flavors that replicate the flavor of the soup’s broth. Ginger, onions, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, mint, Thai basil and cilantro are infused together, and the cocktail is topped off with sprouts and sriracha sauce.

We’d take a chance on the cocktail based on the name alone.


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