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Aurora International Preschool Of The Arts

Clay – a learning material to express “Hundred languages of children”

Reggio Emilia Approach is an inspiring approach which maximizes all valuable opportunities for life-long learning for children by supporting self-discovery, imagination, creativity and connecting them to culture and community through the provision of rich learning environments. Following this philosophy, Aurora International Preschool Of The Arts was established to intertwine Reggio Emilia Approach with Vietnamese culture.

At Aurora, we invite children to engage to arts, exploration and creativity by using inviting, adaptable and expressive art materials. Clay is one of them. This is also one of the “Hundred languages of children” that was mentioned by Reggio educators.

The use of clay in Reggio way can help children gain developmental growth. When focusing on clay, children can foster their eye-hand coordination and practice patience and concentration. They can also develop mathematical understanding when experiencing the size and weight differences and hence apply into diversified manipulation. Moreover, children become creative story-tellers with their own clay pieces. They are the creators of the meaningful story behind each artwork. We love to see how clay enriches our children’s new knowledge about the world and about the hidden creativity in themselves.