Satori has officially launched the bottled drinking water with the first sRO technology in Vietnam.

In addition, Satori held an exhibition entitled "The great simple thing" with the cooperation of Tim Pham and Thiet Nguyen in order to spread the image and message of the product - "The great thing that originated from the Simplicity”.

In addition, the launch of Satori helps to improve the quality of life from the simplest things like drinking water to fresh the body and love life. It is known that the Satori applies sRO technology for the first time in Vietnam to retain a mineral content itself in the source of water.

Likewise, Satori adopts advanced water filtration technology from Japan with ultrafiltration membrane (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to help purify the water. With the message "The great thing that originated from the Simplicity”.

Satori hopes to be a companion to young people in a positive way to live their lives.