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Back in the days just after the Internet first made an appearance in the country, Vietnamese youngsters used to spend their free time flying kites, watching TV series on VHS tapes and playing 8-bit games on monochromatic handheld players.

These hobbies, alongside many others, have slowly disappeared over the past two decades: Internet streaming services now offer everything your TV-loving heart desires; Tamagotchis and handheld consoles have been switched out for swanky Playstations; and urbanization has made kite-flying nearly impossible.

To celebrate these relics of a bygone era, Vietnamese graphic designer Tu Bui – whose pixel art series was featured on Saigoneer not long ago – decided to tug on our heartstrings through this wistful throwback to old adolescent pastimes and childhood treats once enjoyed by Saigon millennials in a series of whimsical illustrations. Do you see your favorite?

[Images via Behance user Tu Bui]

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