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Animated Shorts Bring Vietnamese History to the Small Screen

In an effort to teach Vietnamese children (and perhaps adults, too) about their nation's past, one local channel has begun playing short, animated videos depicting famous moments in Vietnamese history.

According to Thanh Nien, Hao khi Ngan Nam, or Thousand-Year Spirit, plays every weekday on VTV1 at 9:55pm. The five-minute episodes, created by local outfit Truong Thanh Media, covers Vietnamese history from the time of the Hung Kings through the end of the Le-Trinh Dynasty.

The series, which recently ran its 78th episode, has touched upon the stories of famed figures like Vietnam's first ruler, Kinh Duong Vuong, as well as lesser-known heroes like Mai Thuc Loan, who led a rebellion of peasants during the Chinese occupation, ascending the throne in 713 AD.

Truong Thanh began the series in 2010 when the capital was celebrating its 1,000-year anniversary. Truong Thanh has also considered producing a picture book of Vietnamese history for children.

Take a gander at the first animated short below, or head over to YouTube to watch the other 77 episodes.

[Photo via YouTube user Hao khi Ngan Nam]

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