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Krossing Over 18 @ Salon Saigon

From the organizer: Genesis of a discovery - Metamorphosis of Contemporary Dance in France.

- Talk by Christophe Martin

- POST_ 12 mins Film by Abris Gryllus,
Curated by Szerpentin Dance Film Festival, Budapest.

POST_ is a visual parallel to the concept of the modular musical piece Post_01. The recorded movement is focusing on the same themes—
the condition of post and the nature of aftermaths, abstractions of known and unknown social behaviours and the profanity of modern day rituals.

- Kaleidoscope - 30 mins
Performance by Kim-Sanh Châu, Nhung Hong Vo, Xuyen Nhu Do

Leaning between dance and installation, Kaleidoscope is a colorful sensorial journey where bodies unravel sub- conscious and fleeting dreams. With this new creation, Kim-Sanh Châu realizes and invites us into her synesthetic realm of colors, music and emotions. Kaleidoscope is pale pink and violet, touched with Persian blue and gold. Bodies duplicate infinitely. Then disappear.



Tuesday, 17 April

6:30pm - 9:30pm

Salon Saigon | 6D Ngo Thoi Nhiem, D3, Ho Chi Minh City