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At A Table's Stand-Up Comedy Workshop @ Pasteur Street

From the organizer: In support of At A Table's At A Theater Show!!! Remember!!! Email Ben Betterby at, today!!! To reserve your spot!

At A Table Presents: !!Comedy Workshop!!

Hosted and taught by Ben Betterby
Co-Hosted and assisted by Caleb T. Jones

Interested in improving your Public Speaking, Comedy Writing, or Stand-Up in an English language environment?

* Learn how to add comedy in your writing!

* Learn how to write and deliver jokes for your speech.

* Learn everything you need to know to get on stage and perform stand-up comedy for the first time!

Work with kind and supportive people on all aspects of comedy in a friendly English language environment!

We'll show you the different categories of comedy, how to break down a joke, and how to create your own one liners. 

Here is where we start to work with you on your personal comedic strengths connect it with your goals.

This is where we'll start to work on story, premises, and advanced concepts of comedy. Also, we'll begin to encourage you to perform and/or include it in your craft or job.

150k per workshop


A Comedy "cheatsheet"
A water

Message At A Table or email Ben Betterby at, today!!! To reserve your spot!

Feel free to join our community at Comedy Saigon


Wednesday, 13 June

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Pasteur Street | 47D Hoa Lan, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City