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From the organzer: Translæctica :: Saigon Edition 01 // trans/queer party // plunges you deeper into the darkness of uncharted sonic territories, as navigated by Tara Transitory aka ONE MAN NATION (Spain), TAAMI Δ KIIRI (Spain), aka JASE NGUYEN feats MCK & Nguyen Hong Giang

Experimental Music Night
9pm / March 20th 2015
@ Freeland Coffee Shop - 158/11 Nguyen Cong Tru, D1, HCM 
Entrance fee: 100K + 1 FREE DRINK

Translæctica :: Saigon Edition 01 is a platform by iLL Beats Saigon 

Translæctica :: Saigon Edition 01- 20 March 2015 
instalment is co-organised by International //gender|o|noise\\ Underground & VMR 

Supported by Freeland Coffee Shop 

ONE MAN NATION’s artistic identity is one that defies the artificial borders and boundaries of the modern nation state. Rooted in traditional music, old rituals and the use of music to transfigure the body to some otherworldy extents--exploring the relationships between spirits and sounds, music and trance, shamanism and dance--One Man Nation makes use of advanced technology to recall primal and ancient approaches to music. Transgressing audience, context and the performer, s/he manipulates psychoacoustic perceptions with the use of voice and technology, and full disposal of the given environment as an instrument--even utilising tables, chairs, drums, percussion, dolls, cymbals, shoes, sticks, necklaces and an endless array of found objects at a given venue as sound source ::

// TAAMI|Δ|KIIRI \\ electric|witch|shaman|bitch. An electronic improv mixing duo of Miriam de Saxe and Tara Transitory. Blurring the lines of the traditional practice of deejaying and live improvisations, // taami|Δ|kiiri \\ creates some of the darkest ritualistic brews from the deepest underground recesses of today's electronic music peripheries

Translæctica :: Saigon Edition 01--a platform with organized in Vietnam, with the participation of Vietnamese and international artists. Such a mix might perplex our audience, but that is part what we intend to convey: the idea of a new world as one borderless living space, with all the shifts and transformations and their irreversible impact on local/original cultures. We intend to convey this unsated desire to seek commonality and harmony, but at the same time acknowledge the underlying danger, uncertainty and anxiety, mixed with anticipation and eagerness, for new destinations, new horizons and new mysteries.


Friday, 20 March

9:00 pm

Freeland Cafe | 158/11 Nguyen Cong Tru, D1, Ho Chi Minh City