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Graffiti art is becoming an increasingly popular art form in Asia, planting solid roots in many large cities in the region over the past few years. While at its core, graffiti art is anti-establishment, local artists have found that to mitigate risk, permission should be sought from the authorities before tagging public spaces. 

This “ask for permission, not for forgiveness,” policy has taken hold in Saigon and a recent article in Seoul SYNC suggests that things have been playing out in a similar fashion in the South Korean capital.

“It is only up until recent years that policy makers have shifted their conservative perspective on the role of graffiti, from viewing it as crime to a form of artistic expression. Due to thriving public art projects such as the SUP (Seoul Urban Art Project) and others around South Korea, government officials have been swayed to legitimize graffiti as street art and a symbol of creativity. Naturally, this drastic change in perspective has also led to its acceptance, as a vital component towards developing Korea’s creative economy. With over 100 museums located in the city, South Korea has a cultural desire to maintain its world-class standing among regional rivals and seek global recognition by using art as one of many tools to achieve those means,” writes the online magazine.

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Here’s some great Seoul graffiti photographed by RL:

Approved or not, we're all for more graffiti art.

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