Plans For Vietnam's First Hooters In The Works

If you thought the penetration of American restaurant culture in Vietnam was complete with the arrival of McDonald’s last year, you’re in for a surprise. 


Saigon Duck Tacos: 'Some of the Best Street Food on the Planet'

The melding of East and West takes place in so many facets where cultures and people from different backgrounds intermingle. Whether it be Korean barbecue burritos out of a food truck in Southern California or crepes with mangosteen syrup in France, food can act as a glue, bringing together tastes and people.


Hẻm Gems: 70 Years of Hủ Tiếu Down a Saigon Alley

At the corner of a dead-end alley and the crowded pub street of Ton That Thiep among neon signs of nearby bars and restaurants, an eatery with an old hand-painted sign reading “Thanh Xuan” might come across as a forgettable, insignificant spot with its few small tables and plastic chairs. Yet this place has been home to three generations of a family who brought to Saigon – and named – hủ tiếu Mỹ Tho in 1946.


A Visit To A HCMC Rat Meat Restaurant

In addition to his love of road trips, when in Saigon, the ever-curious Vietnam Coracle is always on the lookout for the city’s most unique culinary offerings and a while back, this quest landed him at a rat meat restaurant in District 11.


5 Of Saigon’s Best Streets For Street Food

Vietnam Coracle is back with a list of some of the best streets in Saigon to find plentiful bounties of street food with photos and a description of each, including recommendations of particular places to eat.


8 Incredible Vietnamese Noodle Soups That Everyone Should Try

While the most popular, phở is far from the only noodle soup available in Saigon. Some of the city’s best soups are made with yellow noodles () which originated in China and are used in a number of delicious creations. Here are some places in Saigon that offer an alternative to overrated phở restaurants.


Ana Mandara Nha Trang: A Seafood Feast by the Ocean

Evason Ana Mandara is one of those hidden jewels, which although they are right there in front of you, sometimes we don’t realise it is there. In the case of Ana Mandara, it could not be more central: located by the beach in Nha Trang’s main road, just a few minutes away from the popular Sailing Club.


The Havana: Reaching the Stars in Nha Trang

Early this year Nha Trang saw the opening of a new 5 star hotel, the Havana. The combination of over 1200 rooms, its location by the main beach, the amazing views, great facilities but very reasonable prices, made the Havana my first choice when visiting Nha Trang.


La Crêperie Saigon

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French colonial influences can still be found in many aspects of Vietnamese society, from architecture, customs and moreover, through food. It comes a bit as a surprise then, that one of France’s most internationally renowned dishes, the crepe, has been (almost completely) unknown to Vietnamese. Or at least, that was until two years ago, when three French decided to open the very first crêperie in Saigon.


Sweet Tooth: Where to Get Cambodian Desserts in Saigon

Saigon might be a hub for international cuisine but while we twirl our pasta and dip our nan, fare from some regions can be hard to find, even if they’re right next door. Thanh Nien recently visited one of the city’s rare Cambodian desert stalls and found a plethora of delicious treats.


Vietnam's First McDonald's to Open in HCMC After Tet

Last Friday, international burger giant, McDonald’s confirmed what has been predicted for years – its opening its first store in Vietnam, just after Tet. 


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