Shang Palace: Best of Hong Kong in Saigon

Although I have never had the pleasure of visiting China, I have been eating Chinese food for decades, in several different countries, especially with the help and advice of some of my Chinese friends. The reason I am telling you this is because something I thought impossible happened this week: I was truly impressed with the Hong Kong food offered by Shang Palace in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.


The Magical Story of Cao Lau

Cao lau is one of Vietnam’s most sought after and enchanting dishes. It is unlike any other Vietnamese food, employing steamed noodles and special ingredients that can only be found in the UNESCO world heritage village of Hoi An. With so many conflicting stories of its origin and mystery surrounding it, the dish has reached almost legendary status. Luckily, David Farley did his due diligence and wrote a fantastic piece about cao lau for


Mekong Merchant: A Slice of the Mekong in District 2

I recently visited Mekong Merchant in Thao Dien, District 2. Upon entering, you cannot miss the big open air patio surrounded by thatched buildings and shady trees. The natural setting features ample space and a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere where staff provide outstanding service and lots of smiles.


Sushi Oishi! Akatonbo

I’m not a food snob, I promise. Oh, one exception though – Japanese food. I was fortunate, due to the randomness of life, to have lived across from a sushi joint manned by a team of Rastafarian chefs. Perhaps they could not find their niche in their homogeneous homeland so they began their self-imposed exile in Brooklyn, New York. After 3 years of friendship and sushi gorging, I got to know the food pretty well.


Vietnamese Street Pizza: Bánh Trứng Tráng

Bánh Trứng Tráng

Down the Street and Back Again is a blog written by John Russack, an American pilot who, for 365 days, sampled a new Vietnamese street delicacy. His long journey has recently come to an end, but to get to the elusive 365 foods, he embraced his role as street food ambassador to the fullest - trying everything from grilled crickets to fertile duck eggs. Epic.


Late Night Dim Sum on Nguyen Trai

Late night dim sum. Photo by Michael Tatarski.

We’re always on the lookout for late night noshing spots and Mike at Along the Mekong has a post detailing a hidden food Mecca just a stone’s throw from the backpacker area. On Nguyen Trai, between Cach Mang Tang Tam and Ton That Tung, sit a plethora of drinking food options, all open late-night to satiate the appetites of the drunken masses, Vietnamese and foreigner alike.


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