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As Vietnam continues its emergence as a global leader for dental tourism, one company sets themselves apart by offering complete, easy to access online dental records that provide patients with much-needed security and peace of mind throughout the entire process and afterward. 

Vietnam Dental Tourism, a dental provider managing over thirty independent clinics across Vietnam, utilizes a range of new technologies designed to maximize quality and drastically reduce treatment time which makes it ideal for those traveling within a short time-frame. They cater to both domestic and international patients, offering a range of services including cosmetic (veneers, crown/bridge, smile design, whitening), restorative (implants, full-mouth or individual arch work, sinus lifts, etc.), and general dentistry (extractions, root canals, cleaning and polishing, general check-up appointments, etc.).  

The digital dental records that include full personal account details and information about those procedures are provided to local, expat and tourists clients through an easy to access online portal. This information includes details of the treatments and information about the dentist and clinic, as well as treatment costs and secure billing information. X-ray films and before and after images are also available to view when a patient logs into their account from any location around the world.

These digital records are designed to cater to clients from all over the world and can thus be accessed from anywhere. As an increasing number of foreign citizens travel to Vietnam to undergo dental treatment thanks to the availability of high quality and affordable care here, it is vital that they can have quick and secure access to their personal records, regardless of location.


Naturally, security is a major concern when storing sensitive information, particularly financial and medical records. Vietnam Dental Tourism understands these concerns and ensures complete confidentiality and secure information handling throughout the entire process by encrypting the online data. Additionally, the next stage of the platform will implement blockchain technology to provide maximum security.

Vietnam Dental Tourism’s providing of digital dental records allow locals, expats and foreigners alike to access their personal information safely from anywhere in the world. This is just one of the many initiatives that contribute to Vietnam’s position as a global market leader for dental tourism. 


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