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Aims to Harmonize Nature and Luxurious Modernity at Eden Bay Villas

Untrammeled natured teeming with lush flowers, colorful fruits and calm waters laid out beneath triumphant horizons for people to enjoy: the word Eden conjures images of joyous humans living harmoniously with the environment.

It's a fitting term for Eden Bay Villas, the luxury accommodations at Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort on the southern tip of Phú Quốc island.

Travelers have been conditioned to view vacations as matters of unavoidable choices: ocean or mountains; convenience or isolation; modern aesthetics or wild nature. But the Eden Bay Villas aims to change that binary understanding and let guests have it all by seamlessly blending ancient forests and upscale elegance situated on a mountain's slopes with sweeping views of the ocean. The private, intimate villas provide the perfect location to celebrate special events including anniversaries and weddings as well as make once-in-a-lifetime memories with friends and familiy surrounded by nature and indulging in luxury. 

To reach the Eden Bay Villas, one must first travel via private airport transportation beneath a cool canopy of trees in a verdant forest surrounded by the soft chirps and trilling calls of birds and insects. The presence of careful development announces itself in the manicured gardens that guests pass through before reaching the wooden gates that serve as a literal link between the natural and human worlds as well as the entrance to each villa. 

Once one has time to adjust to the splendors of the view, the more subtle touches in the villas become apparent. The wooden beams that stretch across the high ceilings release soft, rich aromas in tune with the forest outside while the plush furniture and expansive beds juxtapose the uncompromising cliffs and jagged coasts thrust into the shimmering waters. Each Eden villa feels like a serene oasis thanks to its fully-equipped, expansive living room, deluxe conveniences and dining room that accommodate ten guests. The confluence of luxury and nature is especially apparent when one steps onto the ocean-facing glass balcony, takes a dip in the private infinity pool, or reclines on the sun lounge.

After comfortably adjusting to the space, the full potential of the Eden Bay Villas unfurls. Young travelers will be quick to take jealousy-inducing social media photos with the chic aesthetic complimenting the awesome spread of natural color that surrounds the private pools and gardens. Couples will find that the serene privacy draws them closer together as the attention-demanding commotion of wherever they’ve arrived from truly seems like a world away. A sky filled with stars is a particularly perfect backdrop for an anniversary or wedding. And for groups celebrating meaningful occasions, the quiet air punctuated by nothing but ocean waves will cast a calm across busy minds so that they can consider the important things in the world and their place amongst them.

And in the same way that the villas’ sleek architecture brings into focus the scope and power of the sea and mountains, the modern comforts found in the open space between their walls make it easy to appreciate the views of intrinsically untidy and messy nature. This blending of meticulously controlled experiences and wilderness extends throughout the resort. For example, guests check-in and receive prioritized services and all-day refreshments in the Eden lounge. 

While the Eden Bay Villas prioritize a harmonious balance between built and natural settings, guests will discover additional concepts of balance. For example, the resort’s restaurant relies on Feng Shui to achieve an equilibrium in flavors. If one orders the lemongrass chicken, they will detect metaphorical wood in the sour side dish, fire in bitter in the lemongrass, earth in the sweet chicken meat, metal in the spicy seasoning and water in the sauce. Thus, the complimentary breakfast buffet is not just a chance to receive sustenance but a means to discover culinary equipoise.

The Eden Bay Villas interprets the adage you can’t have it all as a challenge. Can it provide guests with views of mountains and the ocean? Can it foster the primal thrills of wilderness along with modern comforts? Can it attend to families and couples, the young and the mature? Only a visit will answer those questions.


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