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Local Businesses Find Flexible Solutions at MyStorage

The sleek aesthetic of a bakery specializing in meticulously crafted high-end pastries would be ruined by stacks of packaging stored between the bright display case and the open kitchen.

Ivoire creates elaborate French treats including an inverted buckwheat puff pastry with five types of vanilla and an avocado mousse impeccably shaped like the real fruit. Their elegant takeaway boxes match the District 1 minimalist dining area, which has no room for a cluttered storage area. Ivoire thus relies on MyStorage to manage their inventory and provide easy access to keep up with the needs of its devoted clientele.

Many may know of MyStorage serving the needs of individuals in Saigon, but it can also help make businesses run more easily, efficiently and affordably. Small, independent online retailers selling everything from cosmetics to baby food to truffle oil look to MyStorage to avoid filling their homes with inventories and to have a comfortable place to meet and work, while large companies such as Nippon Steel, DHL and Sun Life Financial receive support in storing documents and packing materials so they can optimize their customer-facing spaces and have room for expanding teams. Meanwhile Ivoire, like many medium-sized businesses rents a storage unit to manage overflow materials without needing to expand to expensive space in their central locations. Restaurants and wine retailers, in particular, appreciate My Storage thanks to its four fully climate-controlled locations.

The care with which each aromatic Tonka bean is added to pastry dough and edible flowers placed atop pandan ganache is mirrored in the staff’s packing of items in newly-designed boxes to take home. This is possible because the Ivoire team has convenient access to their supplies thanks to MyStorage. They are sent from the Saigon supplier directly to the An Phu warehouse where they are kept in a new, safely guarded private locker and delivered to the store in small batches as needed. Clean, sturdy containers provided by My Storage make the shipping and storing process particularly efficient without the need for large cardboard boxes and rolls of tape.

Self-service storage facilities are an emerging concept in Vietnam, and MyStorage is leading the way thanks to their flexible options and ability to cater to the varied needs of a wide range of individuals and companies. Many have selected them over competitors because they offer options aimed at people who lack experience or interest in dealing with warehouse logistics and are in search of solutions for limited times or volumes.

On the morning that we visited a MyStorage facility to see how Ivoire kept their packaging, we witnessed a potential customer inquiring about using the service. He was moving locations and the timeline of the expiring lease did not quite match that of the new one, and he thus needed storage space for a few weeks. Such a schedule might be difficult to accommodate at other warehouses, but MyStorage quickly assured him that they could provide space for any length of use as well as arrange for pickup and delivery with relatively short notice. Moreover, MyStorage’s owner discussed the number of items the prospective customer was planning to store to find the ideal unit to keep everything in, as the company doesn’t adhere to a one-size-fits-all mindset.

After inspecting some of the quiet, secure storage lockers that are accessible by clients around the clock, we stopped at the ground floor’s workspace. The 24/7 area filled with comfortable chairs, tables, Wifi, and snacks and refreshments is available to all MyStorage customers. It allows them a space to manage their businesses and ready parcels before or after visiting their lockers, in addition to hosting meetings with partners. Various shipping services are often seen entering and exiting the guarded parking lot to pick up items to deliver directly to purchasers around the city as well. Such a space can make all the difference for small businesses and side hustles that are unable to rent expensive or inconvenient office spaces - or simply don’t want to.

Meanwhile, larger businesses that have traditional offices and retail outlets turn to MyStorage for their complete services that manage all fulfillment and transportation demands. Companies that have recently moved to Saigon, are expanding, or lack manpower with warehouse experience rely on MyStorage to handle all fulfillments without worrying about having the large minimum orders that many other warehouses require.

Most of the dedicated bakers at Ivoire probably know nothing about the logistics of their takeaway packaging. Rather, they can fully devote themselves to their craft because MyStorage ensures they will have everything they need to delight their customers with sweet treats. Businesses big and small in Saigon looking for workspaces, flexible storage size and duration choices, and opportunities for complete fulfillment services have all had similar experiences with MyStorage, with Hanoi soon to join them.

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