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[Photos] This Buôn Ma Thuột House Is a Cottagecore Dreamland

In recent years, the Central Highlands has slowly become one of the most sought-after regions in Vietnam for young people to travel and live in.

Designed by local firms K.A Studio and AD9 Architects, this dreamy abode in Buôn Ma Thuột epitomizes that cottagecore aspiration perfectly.

It’s based in an up-and-coming new residential enclave north of Đắk Lắk's capital city and is the home of a young couple.

According to the architects’ note, the clients grew up in a similarly rural area “surrounded by a lush green garden, of the poetic and mesmerizing sound of the birds chirping harmonizing with the rushing stream in the front yard.”

It was their long-time wish to have a home in adulthood that can evoke the same feeling of peace and harmony with nature.

As a result, the design team crafted a two-story home around a lush main garden as the heart of the construction. The ground floor fits a living room and kitchen connected by a pathway above a small stream.

Apart from a guest bedroom and bathroom that are sectioned off, the entire floor flows continuously between the rooms, and even opens into the pond and garden.

The indoors and outdoors are separated by two sets of glass accordion windows, letting natural light and a breeze enter the house with a simple unfurling.

On the upper floor, there are two other bedrooms and a shared area for working or hobby activities.

The bedrooms have glass windows facing the garden below. Most of the house employs warm earth tones and wood accents for a homey ambiance.

“We want to convey, through this project, the calling to protect and extend the traditional architecture spirit amidst the hustling and bustling rhythm of urban life, and how each architectural project can be formed to shelter and nurture the beauty within one’s soul,” the architects note of their design philosophy.

[Photos by Hiroyuki Oki via ArchDaily]

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