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For the First Time, Vietnam Buys More Choco Pies Than South Korea

We consumed a lot of Choco Pies last year.

Thanks to Vietnam’s love for the chocolate-covered biscuits, Orion — the snack’s South Korean producer — raked in KRW92 billion (US$80.9 million) from selling 600 million Choco Pies in Vietnam last year, according to Korea Herald.

This was reportedly the highest sales Orion has ever attained in the country, even surpassing domestic sales in South Korea, which was only KRW83 billion (US$73 million). Vietnam is the second country to accomplish the feat, after China.

The chocolate-covered, marshmallow-filled biscuits were first introduced in South Korea in 1974 and are currently present all over the world. Vietnamese consumers got their first taste of Choco Pie in 1995. Now, Vietnam houses two Orion factories in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Orion has become a household name in Vietnam since it first entered the market more than two decades ago. Its two most popular products — Choco Pie biscuits and Custard, a soft cake with an egg custard filling — are common treats for children, gifts for hospital visits and altar offerings.

On the heels of the highest sales record in Vietnam, Orion said that it’s aiming to reach KRW100 million in sales by appealing to the country’s younger generations.

[Photo: Wikimedia/CC BY]

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