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104-Year-Old Great-Great Grandmother Fights Off Robber

Taking advantage of the elderly will inevitably result in some bad karma, a lesson a Dong Nai man quickly learned after attempting to rob Vo Thi Bai, a 104-year-old woman.

According to Thanh Nien, On June 29, the 22-year-old thief, Vu Van Cam Tu, attempted to steal some cash from the pants pocket of the napping great-great granny.

After covering Bai’s face with a blanket and snatching the money (VND900,000), he ran for the front gate, but the centenarian grabbed hold of his collar, even withstanding punches to the face.

But Bai persisted and family members and neighbors quickly arrived to detain Tu. 

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“A farming life has made me healthy. And at this age, death is no longer a big deal. Therefore those robbers are nothing to me,” Bai told Dong Nai newspaper.

Oh, and according to her daughter, she had undergone treatment for a spinal disk herniation 10 days before the robbery making her resistance that much more impressive.

Police said that Tu is in jail pending robbery charges.

[Thanh Nien]

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