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Phu Tho Theme Park Suspended After Roller Coaster Accident Kills 1, Injures 2

One student died and two others were hospitalized after a roller coaster accident at an amusement park.

The accident occurred at Green Pearl Island Tourist Area (Khu Du Lịch Đảo Ngọc Xanh) in Phú Thọ Province last Thursday afternoon. Dương Quốc Lâm, the commune chairman, explained: "A rollercoaster train fell off the rails, sending three students sitting in it falling to the ground."

An investigation into the specific causes for the accident has been launched so district officials have temporarily suspended operations at Đảo Ngọc Xanh.

The students were in the 11th grade at a school in Hanoi's Dong Anh District, visiting the amusement park located 70 kilometers northeast of the capital as part of a school-organized trip. Two of the victims remain in the hospital; one with an injured arm and mangled hand, the other with a head injury. Local authorities have announced intentions to provide VND5 million (US$216) to the family of the deceased and VND2 million (US$86) to each injured victim. 

This is not the first incident to have occurred at the theme park operated by Ao Vua JSC. In 2014, six middle school students were sent to the hospital when a Ferris Wheel plunged two meters. 

This most recent incident has resulted in authorities requesting schools to review field trips and extracurricular activities to ensure student safety.

[Photo via Hoa Binh Tourist]

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