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Vọng Cảnh, the Picturesque Hill in Huế That Even Emperors Cherished

The poetic Hương River flows calmly, the fresh air and breeze whisper through the lush pine forest, a coming sunset colors the peaceful natural spectacle. All of this can be experienced during a late-afternoon visit to Huế's Vọng Cảnh Hill.

Vọng means "to observe" and "to watch" and Cảnh means "sight" and "scene," so Vọng Cảnh Hill can be translated to "the hill for sightseeing." It earned this name because the historical emperors of the Nguyễn Dynasty designated it as a special place for sightseeing and relaxing. It was so cherished that several Nguyễn Dynasty royal tombs were built around it.

During the wars in Vietnam, the French and Americans used Vọng Cảnh Hill as a military strategic point. You can still see some historical bunkers when you walk around here. Vọng Cảnh Hill appeared in a few scenes in the box office hit Mắt Biếc and the hill has grown in popularity since the movie's release.

The approximately 43-meter-high hill is located about 7 kilometers northwest of Huế city center on Huyền Trân Công Chúa street in Thuỷ Biều district. As it's considered "the eye of Huế," visitors can stand atop it and revel in the beauty of the peaceful city and the beautiful Hương River below. The roofs of houses in rural villages below, the mountains running up and down, the pure green of the plants here and there, and some moving boats on the river paint a romantic and lyrical Huế. The waters appear as a soft silk ribbon resting quietly between the sky and the earth that transforms into a purple-hued blue at sunset, creating a calm, romantic atmosphere. The view helps explain why the area has been immortalized in the works of countless painters, writers, and composers.

The best times to visit Vọng Cảnh Hill are during sunrise and sunset. You can grasp the natural awakening of a new day if you go early in the morning. When the first rays of sunlight pour in, the misty clouds begin to disappear, and everything begins to sparkle.

In the late afternoon, the sunset on fills the sky with a warm, golden color. The last rays of sunlight gently fall on the pine tree leaves, signaling the end of a pleasant day.

Take a view of the idyllic scene location below:

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