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[Video] Mesmerizing Train Travel Video Shows Details of Vietnam

From a sequence of 1,000 pictures taken on a train bound for Hanoi, video artist Patrick Bergeron recreates the faded memories of his Southeast Asian travels in this trippy five-minute video loop.

In order to achieve the video's stunning effect, Bergeron stitched the many images into one long panoramic photo, to which the artist then added moving elements and smooth transitions in order to achieve the feeling of traveling by train.

Over five minutes, slices of photographic detail run back and forth across the screen, referring to Bergeron’s train of memories arriving and departing over and over again in his head whenever he revisits his experiences.

An integration of animation, warped sounds and time shifts, Bergeron’s “LoopLoop” is an altogether different travel video experience which is deserving of the 19 prizes and mentions it has received in 63 countries at over 180 festivals.

In addition to creating mind-bending travel videos, Bergeron also explores animation, experimental films and documentaries. He was involved in the creation of visual effects for blockbusters such as Lord of the Rings and The Matrix.

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