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[Video] Disney Releases Adorable Short Set in Thailand's Floating Markets

It's fried rice versus pineapple when Micky and Minnie Mouse battle in this Walt Disney short that has spawned a variety of memes.

Since its release on YouTube late last month, the four-minute flick has garnered over seven million views. The playful cartoon features the two iconic characters fighting over retail space in a typical Thai floating market. Aimed at children, it features all the exaggerated violence and comedic carnage one expects, before arriving at a happy ending.

As popular as the short is, it's a brief 10-second musical interlude that has really made the internet rounds. The song, which is about selling nuts and performed in Thai by lovable rodent scamps Chip and Dale, has resulted in a series of creative memes that involve political jabs, social commentary and live performances. Someone even uploaded an hour-long loop of the song that has been viewed over three million times — a testament to its ear worm status. 

While Disney is now mostly associated with their full-length movies like The Lion King, and ownership of major entertainment franchises like Marvel, in 2013 they returned to their roots with a series of online cartoon shorts. Reflecting Disney's global popularity, 16 of the nearly 100 shorts do not feature English. In addition to Thai, characters have been depicted speaking Chinese, Hindi, Turkish, Korean and Russian. Disney also recently announced a full-length show featuring a protagonist of Thai descent, the first time someone from Southeast Asia has been the star.

Watch the full short below:

Video via Disney YouTube channel

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