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Incredible and Edible Japanese Latte Art

You know when you go to the café, and the barista draws a fancy leaf or heart in the foam of your cappuccino and you’re all like, “wow, that’s artistic!”? Well, after viewing the slideshow below, that...

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“Little PSY” Stirs Cultural Tensions Between Vietnam and Korea

As “Gangnam Style” continues to pulsate from speakers all over the world, controversy surrounding Hwang Min-woo, or “little PSY,” has engulfed the Vietnamese and Korean online communities. Woo, seen p...

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Lotteria Announces the Ramen Burger

Lotteria, the Korean version of McDonalds (in Vietnam at least), has joined the likes to Taco Bell and KFC in offering a dish that certainly qualifies as ‘thinking outside of the box.’ Here’s a break...

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Korean Schoolgirls Blame Manga Comics After Destroying Classroom

Koreans sure love their video games and manga comics. They have penetrated the psyche of the country’s children to the point where kids are shipped off to video game addiction camps. Every now and the...

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A Look at Hong Kong's Cramped Apartments

There are plenty of small rooms here in Saigon, no doubt. But Hong Kong is notorious for it's cramped living quarters. These overhead photos were commissioned and released by The Society for Community...

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The War That Never Happened Continues in Laos

The Diplomat recently published the story of the Hmong, a Laotian ethnic minority group recruited by the CIA to counter the influence of communism in Laos. This compelling article chronicles not only ...